My Handy Dandy Heating Pad...What Can You Not Live Without?

My pain started when I was 10 years old and ice was always my choice to relieve the pain.  I had at least 10 ice packs at all times. I hated heat and the way it made me feel.  Ice just seemed more soothing.  It wasn’t until my pain levels increased by 10 that I started turning to a heating pad for relief.  One night after hours of pain, I was desperate to make it stop so I tried the heating pad and it has saved my life.  I still don’t like the way it makes me feel because I do have a heat intolerance, but as long as the AC is on I can handle it and it does make the pain a little more bearable. 

If I know I’m going to be away from home for an extended period of time I always make sure I take my heating pad just in case.  Comfort is a necessity when you have a chronic illness. I will go out in my pajamas with a bag full of my medications, extra clothes, heating pad and whatever else I may need to get through the day, and I will have absolutely no shame in doing so, because all that matters is I’m still functioning and even more so I’m still living.

What can you not live without?


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