We Know...

I started writing a post a minute ago and realized halfway through that it was becoming angrier by the word so I deleted it all and now I’m starting over.  I don’t like being angry even though sometimes it’s hard not to be when people you’re close to can’t accept that you’re really sick.  I know that’s something we all go through, but if we have one person in our lives who will go to bat for us no matter what then we should feel blessed and keep on fighting.  We know that our illness is real.  We know that what we had to go through to get diagnosed was excruciating.  We know that every day we have to fight just to be able to have some kind of normalcy in our lives.  We know.  They will probably never know unless they wake up one day and find their lives turned upside down by this invisible monster just as we did.

We have to push on past the negativity and passed the judgment.  We have to keep living even though sometimes dying would be so much easier.  It’s hard and it makes us cry, but it also makes us stronger.  This is a life we would have never chosen, but it’s ours and it can be totally awesome if we let it be.

I hope everyone has a great day. *Gentle Hugs*