Winter Blues

This winter has been harder on me than ever before. Maybe it's because I had been feeling almost normal before the cold hit for the first time in years. Maybe this winter just sucks.

It's definitely been an odd winter here in West Texas. We've been getting Arctic fronts that last a couple of days at a time and rarely bring any kind of moisture. Every other day is filled with mild to warm temperatures during the day and  freezing temps at night. 

The tree pollen is insane and I've had horrible allergy and sinus issues since November.  We've had way more wind and sand than snow and ice and all I can say is that it's just been different, even for Texas.

I hope I can survive the rest of this crazy winter. Another Arctic front is on the way for Sunday and this is supposed to be a big one so we shall see if we get the snow and ice this time.

To all of you who get tons of snow and ice I hope that you stay safe and warm! Gentle hugs and lots of love!

Normal Function Denied

It's been a bad pain day and it just keeps getting worse. I should be cooking supper but I'm now stuck to my heating pad. 

Days like this are so hard to deal with especially when there are tons of things I have planned. I stopped planning and committing to any activities outside of my home to try and avoid having to cancel last minute. That is the worst thing to have to do because most of the time folks aren't very understanding. The only things I like to plan are things like doing laundry, writing and other things around the house because it motivates me to do them. Of course on days like this there's not enough motivation in the world to allow me to function properly.

So here I sit, in pain, frustrated and bored. It's just another day in the land of the chronically ill. 

Gentle hugs and lots of love!

Looking Past Negativity

This year started out a bit complicated with financial issues and of course illness on top of illness, but I’m still determined to make it better.  Changes will be made and better things will come.  I can’t change the fact that I’m chronically ill, but I can continue to improve my outlook of it.  A strong mind goes a long way with a physical illness.  I didn’t understand that when my illnesses first brought me down.  I actually got angry when people told me to use my mind to make it better.  However some of these people thought that if I acted like I wasn’t sick then I would get better and that’s truly what made me angry.  After getting mad, after crying and even screaming I thought about what they were saying and even though I didn’t agree with the way they had put it, I did see the point in it.  My body will always be in pain and it will always malfunction, but if my mind is strong then I can stay positive and I’ll be in a much better place to handle my illnesses when they become too much. 

Healthy people will never understand what those of us with chronic illness go through, but don’t be quick to dismiss their hurtful comments.  Some may be total ignorant crap, but they’re may be something deep down that can help.  We see things differently, because we’ve forced to adapt to a world we weren’t prepared for.  The hurtful comments most often hurt worse than the torture our illnesses lash out on us.  It’s time to use our different views to see past the negativity of others and use their callousness to make our lives better.  If we can find the good in it, then it can’t hurt us anymore.

Every day is hard with a chronic illness, but make sure you find something good in every day.  Keep your mind strong and your heart even stronger.  You know what you’re going through and while everyone will have their own opinion about how bad it really is it doesn’t matter.  They have a right to their own opinion.  Not to hurt you.  Don’t let them!

I hope everyone is staying strong in the New Year.  Gentle hugs and lots of love!