Is it Monday?

It has been a Monday on a Thursday all day today.  If I could get by with it I would never go to another doctor for the rest of my life.  I’ve been working on an application so I can get assistance at a clinic and I went today to finish everything and set up an appointment and I get there and I’m told they lost my application.  Now I have to wait till Monday for the girl who normally does all that paperwork to get back.  It’s really not a huge deal but it pissed me off to the point of tears for the simple fact that it took a lot of energy that I haven’t had lately to get dressed and make myself look good enough to leave the house and on top of the Fibro I have a severely sprained ankle that is refusing to heal.  It just took a lot of effort and to do it all for nothing made me angry.

People who aren’t sick hear things like what I just said and their first thought is oh my god can she get any more dramatic.  I know because I used to be that person.  I was already sick but I didn’t know what I had or the impact it was going to have on my life.  My aunt has Lupus and I thought she just used it as an excuse to get out of doing things.  Now that I know exactly what she’s going through I feel horrible for every thought and every comment I made about it.  I was one of the mean people that I battle against every day now.  It’s so easy to judge someone else instead of looking at your own faults and limitations.  I guess it’s just human nature, but it’s something that everyone needs to work on a little harder.

Well that’s just my ramblings for the day.  I’m going to continue sitting here with the heating pad on my back and the icepack on my foot wondering at exactly what point did I turn into an 80 year old.  I hope everyone is having an awesome day/night.  *Gentle Hugs and Lots of Love*


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