The Insanity of Fibro

I had a pretty good day, but the pain is getting pretty bad now.  I’m in bed packed in pillows with the heating pad at the moment.  My spine feels like it’s on fire and it’s impossible to get comfortable with pain like that.  I’m having muscle spasms just about everywhere and those are never fun…except I still get a kick out of the muscle spasms in my boobs because I’m a weirdo like that.  I have to find a way to laugh at this insanity so it doesn’t break me down.  Laughter is good…especially on the really bad days.

I don’t talk about the specific things I’m going through very often because I feel like I’m complaining and that makes me feel weak.  I already have a weak body so it’s important to me to have a strong mind because that’s what keeps me here.  It’s literally a matter of life or death.  I shelter myself from the world a lot because I have to protect my strength.  I can’t handle drama, excessive sadness or anything like that.  People think I’m rude and that I don’t like to socialize.  It’s not that.  If I’m already feeling weak inside then I can’t risk losing what strength I have left. 

It takes a lot of strength to handle the pain and all the other insane symptoms of Fibro.  That’s how it is with any chronic illness, but some people don’t understand that because they’ve never had to deal with it.  It’s easier for them to judge and make false accusations than to try and understand what it’s like living in a world full of unwanted limitations.  We can’t change how people view us.  All we can do is be who we’re meant to be and live our lives the best way we know how to. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome day despite the insanity of Fibro.  Gentle hugs and lots of love!


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