I Hate Fibromyalgia!

Considering I just put myself and my feelings totally out there on my personal blog I decided to do the same thing here.  I hate being sick and I hate Fibromyalgia!  It is the stupidest, most retarded illness there ever was.  It makes absolutely no sense and then on top of that we get called crazy because we have it.  Most of us probably are crazy as hell, but it’s because we have been dealing with the insanity of our illness for way too long.

I get angry and I really try not to, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.  I know that this could be so much worse, but at night when the pain is really bad it does feel like the worst thing in the world.  It’s scary and lonely and that’s when all the emotion comes out.  I’ve prayed to die so many times and when you get to that point it changes you forever.  A few years ago I didn’t understand why so many of us give up and commit suicide.  I was one of those idiots who said “it’s not that bad”.  One night I found out why and now I’m reminded every day.  It’s bad.  There’s no other explanation needed…it’s bad…end of story.

I hope everyone is hanging in there today.  Gentle hugs and lots of love!


Yeah you are talking to me all right! I have the crazy thing ingrained form 35 year ago now lol
I'm a christian! and a writer and a dad and a well I used to be a great preacher too!

but over and over BAM fm strikes like thunder and I crawl everything you said is right, but I don't know if you know that F/M is genetic, and runs in families, it also is directly related to Leukemia type 1 diabetes, and Lupus, all three are in the same genetic pool. Cristina I suffer every day like you said ,and now I am pretty much a recluse excuse me for this rant but 'stupid people dont care and they dont understand and they dont care to understand! because the only ones they rally care about is themselves!! lol I care if you want a friend in me I'm here. well okay i'm in Canada, but still here, Hmmm I'm here cause I'm not there!! wait a minute! I not all there, so I'm here!! too deep I give


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