Fibromyalgia and Winter

Winter is fast approaching and we all know that the cold and Fibromyalgia do not go together.  I despise winter.  It always feels like I’m in a flare the entire time.  I know I’m not alone in this so what are some of the things you do to get through the winter months.  What helps?  What makes things worse? How do you prepare to go out if you have to?

My biggest worry when it’s cold is jaw pain.  It is excruciating and lasts for hours. Anytime I’m out in the cold too long and I start shivering it happens.  So I’ve learned to dress extra warm and to always wear a scarf to make sure I can cover my jaw.  If it’s really cold I refuse to go out unless it’s a must because that is one pain I just can’t handle.

Other than staying as warm as possible, I have no other advice.  I just don’t function very well during the winter.  If you have advice or even just a Winter/Fibromyalgia story please share it. What works for one doesn’t always work for the other, but it’s nice to at least have options.  


I don't believe there is any solution to the winter fibro miseries except moving to a warmer climate. I live in Bend, Oregon, which has cold winters that seem to last from October through June some years. (It experiences rapid swings in barometric pressure too, which also is bad news for fibro sufferers.) My fibro symptoms almost disappear over the summer, but get 10 times worse during the winter months. Fortunately my wife and I will be moving to a warmer place, possibly New Mexico, after this year.


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