Those Walls Keep Getting in My Way...

Does anyone else have a problem with running into walls?  I’m glad everyone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt how loving my man is or he would catch a lot of hell for all the bruises I get.  It doesn’t help that I bruise extremely easily in the first place.  I have a nasty bruise on my upper arm now, because once again the wall got in my way while I was on a cleaning spree.  I assume it’s a result of the fatigue and balance issues.  It’s happened to me so many times now that it’s become quite comical.  I just hate that when the bruises are really bad, I feel like I have to wear long sleeves so people won’t look at me like I’ve been abused.

Truth be told, if I didn’t have Fibromyalgia I don’t know that I would believe that it’s real.  It’s an absolutely insane illness, with insane symptoms.  Just when I think I can’t possibly experience a new symptom, I get a big surprise. I’ve learned to laugh at a lot of it, because laughter feels so much better than crying over it day after day.  It is what it is and we must keep on keeping on.  Hope everyone is as pain free as possible.  Gentle hugs!


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