Strange Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a pain in the ass and everywhere else.  We are all very much aware of this.  It restricts everything we do in some way or another and makes our lives a living hell, but we deal with it and somehow we manage to make it through the day.

We’re all are familiar with the pain and fatigue, but what about the other stranger symptoms that aren’t talked about as much?  Since my journey with Fibromyalgia began I have experienced random nose bleeds, oh so sexy hemorrhoids, my skin feeling like it’s going to peel right off and all of a sudden I seem to talk backwards on occasion. There’s more but the Fibro fog is starting to take over now. It was months after my diagnosis before I realized that all these strange symptoms were a part of Fibromyalgia.

What strange symptoms do you experience?  How long did it take you to realize that they’re all just part of this beast we call Fibromyalgia?


I was diagnosed with interstitial cyclists, endometriosis, asthma and severe allergies before a wonderful rheumy figured out it was fibro. Before meeting this doc, I vowed it would be my last dr. appointment...ever. My previous doc told me that my extreme fatigue, pain, bladder and reproductive problems and other symptoms were just "part of being old." I'm 29.


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