Stop "Complaining"!

How many times have you been told to stop complaining while talking about your Fibromyalgia symptoms?  I’ve personally lost count.  This is something that I will never get use to and it’s something that breaks my heart a little more every day. 

We wake up with pain and exhaustion and we go to sleep with pain and exhaustion.  We are so confused by our illness that we talk about it a lot.  This isn’t complaining people.  We are trying to understand what’s going on inside of us and sometime’s talking about it is the only way to make some sense of it. 

I get angry when people tell me that it’s just crazy and they don’t understand it.  How the hell do they think we feel?  That’s why it’s constantly on our minds.  Every day it seems like something else malfunctions and it’s scary and we feel alone. 

If you want to call what we do complaining then so be it, but I hope you never have to be in the place we’re in right now. It’s easy to say oh just forget about it and get on with your lives.  Every day I wish I could and I know everyone else with Fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness feels the same way.  Don’t judge us.  Don’t condemn us.  We didn’t do anything wrong. We’re sick and we just need everyone in our lives to accept that because it’s not going to go away. We don't want to be sick, but we are and we're dealing with it the best we can.


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