I Hate Fibromyalgia Today!

It’s been one of those days that I despise being sick.  I accept being sick, but on days like today I want to stand in the middle of the street and scream f**k Fibromyalgia and all its little friends.  I slept okay I guess, but I woke up extremely grumpy.  As I began the process of taking all my morning meds that feeling of hatred hit me.  I hate taking all this medication that seems to make me more sick than anything else.  I hate waking up and being more tired than I was the night before.  I hate getting out of bed and having to prepare myself because there’s a 50% chance that I’m going to fall. I hate that it’s Friday night and I’m stuck at home because I’m hurting too bad to go out. I just hate everything about it sometimes and I hate that I have to despise something so bad.

Well tomorrow is a new day and I’m hoping for the best.  Hope everyone is happy. Gentle hugs and lots of love.


Day at a time, right? I hate it too...hate that no one "gets it" Thanks for your words..they help to know others are going through the same struggles.


Fibro is a killer! I am having a bad flare going on day 10 now and I am so feeling your post lol


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