Surviving Fibromyalgia with Young Children

Surviving fibromyalgia with young children!

I know fibromyalgia is difficult to live with. Add this to being a mom of young children, and wife, friend, and family member. I cannot tell you how to live this way, but I can tell you how I manage to get by.
The only thing worse than having fibromylagia is having fibromyalgia and toddlers.  I am a mother of two young children, Levi 3 and Ruby 1.  They are really good kids, but they are toddlers and like every toddler, they are very busy kids.  They run, climb, jump, fight, hate each other one minute, and love each other the other minute.  I love my kids and would never give them up, but sometimes, I feel like I can't do it for one more minute literally.

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I have been diagnosed for about 3 months now, have a 3 (boy) and 1 (girl) year old, and am beginning to desire a resemblance of a schedule- develop a new "normal". I had been lamenting not having any idea how other fibro-with-young-children Moms did it, day to day without feeling they were completely ruining their children with tv or whatever slow or independent pace they were having to learn. You give me courage though- and your last lines about feeling alright with not being the Mom I think my kids need gave me tears. From one Mommy fibro to another- thank you from the bottom of my heart- and? You are not alone!


I have been searching for this blog, I just know it! I have an 8 yo boy, 2 and 1 yo girls. I am 15+ yr sufferer and 2 month post-diagnosis. Have already been through a dozen different meds with no luck.


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