Normal Function Denied

It's been a bad pain day and it just keeps getting worse. I should be cooking supper but I'm now stuck to my heating pad. 

Days like this are so hard to deal with especially when there are tons of things I have planned. I stopped planning and committing to any activities outside of my home to try and avoid having to cancel last minute. That is the worst thing to have to do because most of the time folks aren't very understanding. The only things I like to plan are things like doing laundry, writing and other things around the house because it motivates me to do them. Of course on days like this there's not enough motivation in the world to allow me to function properly.

So here I sit, in pain, frustrated and bored. It's just another day in the land of the chronically ill. 

Gentle hugs and lots of love!


Reading posts like this make me actually understand what's my partner going through.

Thanks a lot.
From Barcelona, Luis


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