I'm Not Crazy...

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how much research proves Fibromyalgia is a real medical condition that there are some people who will still refuse to believe it.  I will never understand this, but everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe.  This is my life though, and it’s my choice on whether or not to associate myself with these kinds of people and my choice is to disassociate from them.  I can’t learn to cope when there are so many people in my life telling me that all I need is a psychiatrist and I’ll be just fine.

Over the past couple of years I have let people bring me down, break my heart and make me feel absolutely crazy.  I refuse to let that continue.  If I have to get mean, even if I have to yell and push people away, I will stand up for myself.  Those people I push away obviously don’t have a place in my life anyway. People might as well have a reason to call me crazy.  I have kept quiet for so long and I’ve spent too many nights crying myself to sleep.  If I don’t learn to be stronger for myself then I won’t be able to survive this monster.

I hope everyone is having a good day.  *Gentle Hugs*  

Don't Give Up on Us

Accept the fact that I am sick and I will show you that I’m still capable of many things despite my illness.  Ignore my illness and treat me as if I’m simply crazy or lazy and I will disappoint you countless times.  In the lives of those who are chronically sick acceptance and understanding means hope for a better tomorrow. We’re not asking for you to throw us a pity party and we’re not looking to be saved.  All we want is to not be shunned for having an illness that we have no control over.  No one in their right mind would ask to have a chronic illness especially an invisible one like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME or Lupus.  The only thing worse than having an incurable disease is having one that no one believes is real.  Not to mention one that has no effective treatment.  We didn’t choose these lives, but it’s what we were given and we’re learning to accept our fate and live our lives as best as we can.  Our goal is to keep living…keep surviving even though we’re faced with the thoughts of wanting to die on a regular basis. We don’t want to give up, so please don’t give up on us.